After the kidnapping

Remember the story of me being ‘kidnapped’??? (I’m not sure what word should I use, kidnapping brings thoughts of rope and violence, still I was being driven to the place where they imprisoned me)

Anybody wondered what happened next?

[Let’s get back to the beautiful easy times of Austin, TX…]

While traveling I never checked Facebook too often but the other sunny day I did to see I’d been send friends request by Ryan. He was a complete stranger to me but we had a lot of mutual friends and his pictures told me he was a double bass player. Neat, why not, that’s about the music society.

He asked me what’s up in Poland, I told him that actually I was in Austin, traveling around.
‘If you need help around LA, call me’ and he gave me his phone number.

[Now back to Las Vegas-LA bus]

I’m so happy Ryan did give me his phone number. I called him. I was saved.

When I arrived to LA, it was getting late, I’m not sure… was it about midnight? One am?
A lot of scary bums in front of the station. Some of them made me walk around with my heavy backpack, some of them made me go into the station so as to feel safer.

And then he arrived, looking exactly like on the pictures, smiling from ear to ear, looking a bit tired but glad – Ryan.

On our way to where he lived, Huntington Beach, Ryan told me how glad he was a Polish girl was visiting him…
‘I like Poland a lot, I’ve visited, I know a bit of Polish…’ etc ‘…and I know some people from Poland, from this magazine’… I was pretty sure he ment ‘Twój Blues’ and he did.
‘Dude, I know these people, I wrote for them’.
‘You know Andrzej and Ewa?’
I did. He had no idea before.

The place was full of palm trees. I know them!

Ryan was living with his dad in the pretties neighborhood. Sweet, cosy, big houses and palm trees all around. We smoked on a playground or in a park… I don’t know… And we went to beds.

The next day we were… probably chilling out, driving around, having a lot of fun. Ryan turned out to be hillarious and sweet. We were just going to somewhere in a car and Ryan said:
‘You know, I will be in Poland this fall, on a tour with Bill’.
‘Bill?’ I asked.
‘Bill Barret’ he answered.
‘Do you know Hazmat Modine?’ he asked.
‘I LOOOVE Hazmat Modine!’ I said. ‘I can’t believe I’m staying with somebody who plays with Bill Barret‘ I said ‘What a wonderful coincidence, I love it!’

We went to the ocean, played some music… It was the first of many times in my life I realized, what the ocean means to my soul, what it does to me, how it changes me in many ways.
I sang the way  I sing only by the ocean. I smiled this way. We played on a broadway, in the wonderful heat, beautiful times. It was warm, the palm trees, I am so crazy about, were all around, ‘the air smelled with tea and weed’ – California!
Oh, and Ryan recorded the best ‘Everything is zajebiście’ shot (the original one is in it’s own league). Check that out:

And well… then I left. We met again – in November in Poland during his concert tour with Bill B. and I know we will meet again. In Europe, US or…. Guatemala.

This wonderful random person from the Internet saved me, he was my hideaway from the cruelty and stupidity.
I remember one day he found a dead crow in his garden and tried learning what did it mean. The world was full of magic. A help would be his friend, a beautiful woman, who really must have been a shaman. No other way. And she smelled so nice…

Anyway that’s the story for now. Probably Ryan is going to appear in another stories, probably the kidnapping will, probably Austin…

And here’s some Bill&Ryan music:

After the kidnapping

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