photo: Josh Baker
photo: Josh Baker

So this is me.
I’m in my early twenties and I squeeze the life out!

I’m not good at everyday life, I do say that I do suck at life.
If I cook I burn my face with the hot oil, I cut my hands with the knives I use, I make the biggest mess ever… but the food is delicious.
I spill the drinks, I fall down on a street (last week I did it twice, for no reason really), I always buy the worst shoes ever and never wear them for the second time, instead I walk around in those old, leaking ones.
I get lost around my house. Not in a completly new place though.
I lose everything all the time, yet never lost a wallet.

Despite that I can surely say I am good at the big things.
I hitch hiked alone over 8100 km across the USA.
I hitch hiked with other people thousands of kilometers around Europe.
I travelled with a famous jazz band on their European tour just because they picked my up from the road.
I can get anything I want (except of the job of course) by an accident, it just comes to me.
I can controll people’s minds… but I never do that if it’d be harmful (God knows I’m good). I just know the people, their feelings, needs and desires. But I want to be helpful!
Right after I formed my first band, my song (our, but I’m saying ‘my’ because it wasn’t the same band, just me with two friends from Easy Money) was published on an album titled ‘Krakowskie Klimaty Bluesowe’ published by mediapixel, here’s the song:

Easy Money & Nina R. Sawicka – Looking for a friend

Short after we played in a philharmonics. Then I appeared in Strand Theatre in Vicksburg, MS. After that sun with so many amazing musicians.

I used to write a lot about the blues. In 2014 I interviewed Son of Dave and Corey Harris (so proud!). Accidently I was saved by a guy playing with one of my favourite harp players ever. And he’s become a favourite too, especially a favourite person ever.

Now I am starting a new blog. Just to write about my US trip but also about the rest of my trips (as now I am on my big trip to London – big because permanent and that’s why I am afraid of it. On the road things just happen, come right to me. In a constant it’s so much more difficult. But I am gonna try and write about it!)

So read, like, comment, share.

The best way to say ‘I do appreciate your work’ is to pass it to your friends, publish it on your blog, write about it in your article or just say ‘hi, I liked the story’ in a comment – do not hesitate to let me know you’re there!

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